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About Downtown Therapy Associates

For quality treatment of mental health issues, please check out the "Therapists" tab and contact the therapist of your choice. Therapists serve Huntsville and Madison (Madison County, AL), Decatur and Athens (Limestone County, AL), and Guntersville, AL (Marshall County), and the surrounding areas.  Ask your therapist if teletherapy services are offered.

Downtown Therapy Associates is a collection of companies providing counseling services.  Each counselor is employed by a company located at Downtown Therapy Associates.  Each company located at Downtown Therapy Associates  is independent of Downtown Therapy Associates.  All questions about services / sessions rendered and payments for services should be addressed to the individual counselor.  No counselor is employed by Downtown Therapy Associates.

Schedule a Session

401 Holmes Ave NE, Suite E
Huntsville, Madison County 35801

Lindsay:  256.258.8531

Tashara:  256.203.6626

Sydney: 256.715.6695 

Calah: 256.408.5205

Chloe:  256.434.1758

Felicia: 256.724.8468

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Dry Plants

“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them”

Ancient Greek philosopher, Epictetus

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